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XIAMEN NONGJIALE FOOD PRODUCTION CO.,LTD. was founded in Nov., 2006.Our company is a specialized edibile mushroom  processing enterprise, which combines the growing process, acquisition,processing and selling completely . It has got its own eight production bases all over China, and could meet  the customer's demand as well as the market 's demand with its plenteous commodity stock.


Mushrooms knowledge

  • 01 The Benefits to Human Beings

    Mushrooms are not a true vegetable in the sense that it does not have any leaves, roots, or seeds, and really does not need any light to grow. So what exactly is a mushroom? It is a fungus, which grows in the dark and creates more mushrooms by releasing spores. Mushrooms are found all over the world and have been a much honored food in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians considere

  • 02 The growing history and nutrition of the mushrooms

    Chinas is one of the earliest mushroom cultivating country in the world, which has got a long mushroom growing history. But in the past 1,000 years, the mushrooms are confined to the half—wild cultivated growing situation. The output is very low. Due to the output, our mushroom has taken over a very small part of the global market.

  • 03 The ingredients of the mushroom

    1. The mushroom composes all the nutritions of the meat and vegetables, and morover, sometimes the ingredients are are higher than the ones that of the vegetables and the mushroom